Georg Toepfer
Ambivalences of Creating Life, Inhaltsverzeichnis

Kristin Hagen, Margret Engelhard and Georg Toepfer
Editorial: Ambivalences in Societal and Philosophical Dimensions of Synthetic Biology   1-8

Carlos G. Acevedo-Rocha
The Synthetic Nature of Biology   9-53

Röbbe Wünschiers
Making-of Synthetic Biology: The European CyanoFactory Research Consortium   55-72

Cyprien N. Verseux, Ivan G. Paulino-Lima, Mickael Baqué, Daniela Billi and Lynn J. Rothschild
Synthetic Biology for Space Exploration: Promises and Societal Implications   73-100

Martin Müller
"First Species Whose Parent Is a Computer"-Synthetic Biology as Technoscience, Colonizing Futures, and the Problem of the Digital   101-113

Walburg Steurer
"Some Kind of Genetic Engineering… Only One Step Further"-Public Perceptions of Synthetic Biology in Austria   115-140

Mirko Ancillotti and Stefan Eriksson
Synthetic Biology in the Press   141-156

Stefanie B. Seitz
Let's Talk About… Synthetic Biology-Emerging Technologies and the Public   157-175

Britt Wray
Public Engagement in Synthetic Biology: "Experts", "Diplomats" and the Creativity of "Idiots"   177-197

Virgil Rerimassie
Early Engagement with Synthetic Biology in the Netherlands-Initiatives by the Rathenau Instituut   199-213

Inna Kouper
A Critical Participatory Approach to the Evaluation of Synthetic Biology   215-241

Leona Litterst
Synthetic Biology-Playing Games?   243-250

Daniel Falkner
Metaphors of Life: Reflections on Metaphors in the Debate on Synthetic Biology 251-265

Tobias Eichinger
Debasement of Life? A Critical Review of Some Conceptual and Ethical Objections to Synthetic Biology   267-274

Johannes Steizinger
Engineers of Life? A Critical Examination of the Concept of Life in the Debate on Synthetic Biology   275-292

Andreas Christiansen
Synthetic Biology and the Argument from Continuity with Established Technologies   293-311

Michael Funk
Synthetic Biology Between Engineering and Natural Science. A Hermeneutic Methodology for Laboratory Re-search Practice   313-323

Martin G. Weiss
Epistemological Implications of Synthetic Biology: A Heideggerian Perspective 325-335